Saturday, January 26, 2008

Landed and working

Landed in Shanghai.

First Impressions --
it's big. in the car every 20 min. for 2hrs. i'd ask, what city is this? Miki turns around everytime and says 'city? city Shanghai! -- I figure she just doesn't understand the question.

this is Miki. insert a height crack about the photographer here...

This is a picture of a wee bit of shanghai from the hotel room:

The day was actually memorable. I got off the plane mid-morning, cleared customs without a hiccup, and was whisked away as soon as I left immigration.

Finally smooth sailing, Miki asked if I wanted to go to the hotel before the factory -- I said yeah, she said ok 20minutes?'.

This was the beginning of my getting to relax just a bit plan getting stuck in mud. after a 2 hr. ride. i took a 20 minute pit stop and it was off to lunch. Fine right? There's Kindy waiting for me outside a restaurant 'Charlie, good to see you, we go to a party!'....and with this was official death of any chance at a rest. We did go to a party. His friend was having a new years party (at 1PM) -- karaoke with a couple hundred people.

EVERY TIME YOU ARE INTRODUCED TO SOMEONE NEW YOU TOAST, WHEN YOU TOAST YOU CHUG YOUR CUP (the cup is small, but it is full of beer nonetheless). I'm not kidding. And I was in a room with 300 Chinese people. Wasn't exactly a familiar bunch...

And they just rip up a karaoke floor. It was unceasing.

By 3PM we left.

I spent the evening at the factory, it was productive.

We work Sunday, i'll offer updates as the circumstances warrant.
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