Monday, January 28, 2008


from the Rainbow hotel room 1705 in Shanghai, with a macbook and some gadgets it's as if I were in Wareham,MA. I open my laptop and the Eyebeam software (which is my phone) connects to the server in Wareham. When you call 508.295.8899 my laptop rings. If you are in wareham and dial extension 601 my laptop rings. With headphones and a microphone the quality of the call is as good as it is in wareham.

Our ERP/CRM system (opentaps) is now all web based and completely accessible in Shanghai

Our payroll is online and completely accessible

With Skype and Jabber I am connected to everyone by instant messenger as well.

And with Google Applications, which we use for mail, documents and calendar -- I have access to many of the company's documents, contracts etc. as well as my 30,000 or so emails

With the Blog I can describe what I’m doing generally and offer some color, as the travel is as much understanding the scope and breadth of the Merrow brand as it is the specific transactions we’re focusing on at the moment.

And between linkedin and facebook I can network....

this technology is amazing.

So what’s that worth?

In India the charge was 895 rupees/day. Here it is .6RMB/minute. And the hotels make all the dough.

So what if, say google, bought some of the mobile spectrum (or bought, say Sprint) and came out with a GSM cell phone that allowed for a heavy duty connection -- a broadband connection that optimized google apps specifically. Not just a cell phone with broadband - but a system that was designed to leverage (READ SPEED UP) all of the technologies listed above.

What would this be worth? If I were google i’d multiply the number of people who use computers in hotels by 895 rupees/day (then hopefully divide by say 100). In countries that don’t have fiber all over the place i’d add to the multiplier the # businesses without broadband access. And to add icing to the frosting I’d throw on 15% of the youth with cellphones who with legitimate access to facebook, myspace, picasa and flickr would be in hog heaven.

This is the number (well not really but you get the point) I would use to predict revenue from the most successful communications device to be launched in 2009.....

the iphone is cute but on par with a palm pilot. It can keep track of things and is a phone -- but it doesn’t really allow any of the above technologies to really be leveraged. Moreover it doesn’t have a network, it’s just a device.

Being able to do what I do with my all this software and my laptop is really, really, really useful. I HAVE CREATED A DEVICE THAT LET'S ME BE IN THE OFFICE WHEN I'M NOT -- now if someone can make it smaller & create a worldwide network where I don't have to pay for broadband access in a hotel (or at home for that matter) -- I will buy it. Lot’s of it.

Because blogging/talking/opentaping/IMing/emailing/videoconfing/networking seamlessly is what matters.
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