Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sewing Machine Service FAQ

We've fielded a number of questions about the Sewing Machine Service from Merrow -- we're going to use the blog to answer them and build a more substantial FAQ page that should get posted next month after we gather more data...

Q: how old is my sewing machine
A: we're glad you asked. How Old is your Merrow?

Q: this is a great program, but I have 40 machines can you come here to service them? 
A: we'd love to, but no. What we can do is set up a dedicated service window for your equipment and have some percentage of the machines (say 10 at a time) come in on a palette and be turned around together and quickly.

Q: i need it returned FASTER than 5-7 days....
A: and we can help. we have an expedited program, just call us and let us know how quickly everything needs to get done.

Q: do you replace the gaskets? 
A: we replace any beat-up gaskets that need to be replaced. almost all the gaskets are replaced as part of the $299 program, however there are one or two exceptions

Q: I really like my local mechanic, why are you taking business from him?
A: we also really like your local mechanic. and if he can take care of your Merrow then PLEASE send it to him/her. We're offering this service for all of the Merrow customers who don't have a local mechanic anymore, but want to keep their machines in tip-top shape

Q: can I send in a non-Merrow Sewing Machine (juki, union special etc...)
A: not right now. for the time being our $299 program is only applicable to Merrow Sewing Machines.

Q: Is this an international program
A: Not right now. Plans for rolling it out in the UK, India, Brazil, Mexico are underway however. If you'd like to be a Factory Service Provider let us know -- if you are in some part of the world that needs service, also let us know.

Q: for $299 what do I get 'free'
A: obviously having paid $299 nothing is free... however for $299 you get the following
          1. shipping (3 ways) :: box to you --->. machine back to us ---->; machine back to you
          2. upper & lower loopers
          3. upper & lower cutters
          4. needle
          5. 3 hours labour to clean and service the machine

Q: what happens if the service is more than $299 AND I DON'T WANT TO PAY  
A: if you send in a machine and we can't service it without adding/replacing parts, or need to spend more than 3 hours on it-- we'll call you and let you know what the additional charges are. Keep in mind we WILL NOT charge for additional labour, just parts. If you still don't want to pay (you bought the machine for $50 on ebay and don't want to pay $650 in replacement parts) we have two options for you.

1. we will offer you a credit for the machine if you purchase a new one. The credit averages $600 (not bad if you bought the machine for $50 ....)

2. we will ship it back to you and charge you just for the cost of freight (usually around $90)

Q: is this only for broken machines?
A: no. machines need to be cleaned, tuned, re-oiled, and have general maintenance done. This program does this especially well.

Q:how old is my machine? Is there any agism in the service program
A: we'll be posting serial # aging (carbon-dating) information later this week. If your machine pre-dates the korean war chances are we'll take a shot at it but we can't guarantee anything.

Q:can you make me another M-XXYY, or A-3DW-1 machine, I love the one I have and want it duplicated
A: maybe. one of the things we've been pretty good at is standardizing parts over the years. Chances are we can make an MG class version of that A class machine. Send in a stitch sample and we can try.

Q: will you just buy my machine back if it's DOA
A: sometimes. we have prepared a fair and generous buy-back program for machines that are somewhat salvageable salvageable. If the machine is just a bucket of parts chances are we'll be nice about it, but simply send it back.

PLEASE EMAIL with more questions. As we get them we'll post the answers to the FAQ. 

Unknown Merrow

Merrow has manufactured sewing machines since 1838 and remains one of the most interesting companies in the textile space

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Unknown Merrow

Merrow has manufactured sewing machines since 1838 and remains one of the most interesting companies in the textile space

Friday, January 8, 2010

Merrow introduces $299 factory service for sewing machines

Happy New Year!
and with that an announcement:
Today we're launching the new service program for Merrow Sewing Machines....

the details:
(and i'm preemtively owning up to this just being copied from the service page...)
The $299 Merrow Factory Service Plan includes:

• All shipping and handling costs.
• A Merrow machine box with foam inserts to ensure safe transit.
• Machine disassembly, cleaning, & assessment by a certified Merrow technician.
• Replacement of the upper and lower loopers with new Genuine Merrow loopers.
• Replacement of the upper and lower cutters with new Genuine Merrow cutters.
• Replacement of the sewing needle with a new Genuine Merrow needle.
• Customized sew-off by a certified Merrow technician.
    Machines enrolled into the Merrow Service Program are completely disassembled, inspected, and then placed in the production queue alongside brand new machines. By incorporating the service program with our regular production line, we can afford to service machines less expensively than the typical service provider.

    Our certified Merrow technicians deal with hundreds of machines a week. Because of this exposure, we are able to spot minor issues before they become larger problems, and, more importantly, before these problems shut down business for multiple days.

    Additionally, if you determine that the cost of a repair exceeds the value of your machine, Merrow will offer to buy back your machine, and grant a $200 credit towards the purchase of a new sewing machine. Merrow machines boast the best longevity on the market, though after years of use, it may be more cost-effective to purchase a new machine than to continue to service an old one.

    The in $299 price does not include the cost of additional required or recommended spare parts. During the initial machine assessment, any damaged or worn parts will be flagged by a certified Merrow technician, however, no additional work will be done without customer approval. A Merrow customer service representative will call you after the initial machine assessment to review the status of your repair as well as any additional costs. All additional parts will be offered at at a 10% discount with no labor charges.

    All machines will be shipped via UPS standard ground, or the equivalent. Machines will be insured for a value of $500 each. Additional insurance may be purchased prior to shipment. Call your Merrow customer service representative for details. All insurance claims are void if the sewing machine is not shipped drained of oil in Merrow supplied packaging.

    It is highly recommended that customers provide fabric, thread, and stitch samples with all factory service machines. A certified Merrow technician will use these items to replicate your stitch during the customized sew-off. If these items are not provided, your machine will be sewn off according to factory standards

    We're excited.... This should allow Merrow customers to keep running machines regardless of available local service. Order a new machine or buy a used one without worrying about service. 

    And we re-build them alongside the new ones

    Right now this is a US based program. We're working on ways to offer it internationally. Give us a ring with questions (or email


    Unknown Merrow

    Merrow has manufactured sewing machines since 1838 and remains one of the most interesting companies in the textile space