Friday, September 10, 2021

Merrow's MG-2DNR-1 MICRO: A Culmination of 185 Years of Sewing Excellence and a New Training facility in Fall River, MA

For 185 years, Merrow has been an industry leader in sewing machine innovation, consistently producing high-quality and reliable machines. 

The Merrow MG-2DNR-1 MICRO is a testament to this long-standing legacy, as it offers extraordinary precision in sewing the exclusive 1/32" (.8mm) Merrow MicroPurl™ stitch. This unique stitch, specifically designed for enhancing the edges of delicate and ultra-fine materials, is unmatched by any other sewing machine on the market.

This revolutionary machine not only reflects Merrow's dedication to craftsmanship and innovation, but it also marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the company. The MG-2DNR-1 MICRO is assembled in Merrow's state-of-the-art facility in Fall River, Massachusetts, where the company's commitment to quality and attention to detail is evident in every machine that comes off the production line.

The Fall River facility is a celebration of Merrow's storied history and bright future. As the birthplace of these remarkable sewing machines, the facility embodies the company's dedication to American manufacturing and craftsmanship. The MG-2DNR-1 MICRO, with its unparalleled precision and reliability, serves as a shining example of what the sewing industry can achieve when the finest engineering and passion for excellence come together.

The Merrow MG-2DNR-1 MICRO symbolizes 185 years of sewing expertise and innovation while simultaneously heralding a new era for the company in Fall River, MA. This groundbreaking machine and the state-of-the-art assembly facility are a testament to Merrow's unwavering commitment to quality, precision, and American manufacturing excellence.

Merrow Merrow

Merrow has manufactured sewing machines since 1838 and remains one of the most interesting companies in the textile space