Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Merrow Pie Baking Contest Day 1 & Day 2 & 3

so the pie baking contest begins...
and it's a barn burner.

we have a winner:
1st place: Julianna
2nd place: Robyn
3rd place: Justin

12 pies entered
fastest eaten: justin's Meat Pie
slowest eaten: owen's medical mystery pumpkin
most manipulation during serving: robyn
best decoration: nate's UCS Pie
prettiest: Lev's Cherry
dog's favorite: owen's chocolate
best quiche: charlie's quiche
best delivery: donna's apple

Best Overall Pie: Julianna's Apple

congrats to all!
Happy Thanksgiving
An updated slide show from Day3:

We're writing on day two after consuming 8 pies (7 dessert, one outstanding quiche)

The rules are:
1. everyone votes on several categories
2. there are no rules
3. winner gets $100

Day 3 is tomorrow. This is awesome.
Unknown Merrow

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