Thursday, October 30, 2014

NEW ActiveSeam Products - See the on the Merrow ActiveSeam Application Page

ActiveSeam Products

Sharing ActiveSeam Applications has never been easier

The Merrow ActiveSeam Application page is a fantastic way to view the details behind ActiveSeam products! We've added six NEW products including merino shirtssoft shell pants, and Polartec® tops and will be adding more products as the use of ActiveSeam branded stitching expands. Check it out today! Navigation and features are explained below.

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Interactive ActiveSeam Flip Book

For more information, questions, or to request an online presentation,
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Merrow has manufactured sewing machines since 1838 and remains one of the most interesting companies in the textile space

Thursday, October 9, 2014

ActiveSeam Fall 2014 Update

Contact for details or visit to view the ActiveSeam flipbook.

Fall 14 ActiveSeam Update

It has been a remarkable six months for the worldwide roll-out and development of ActiveSeam. As the ActiveSeam application list and customer base grows, the program supporting its implementation has expanded to include new licensing agreements and a broad spectrum of production facilities! From its use on superfine merino wool to seamless circular knit products, the ActiveSeam stitch and brand name are a recognizable value-add and a mark of performance and quality. CLICK HERE to view a NEW interactive ActiveSeam brochure or email with production questions or for EXCLUSIVE/NON-EXCLUSIVE licensing information.
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All users of ActiveSeam are entitled to a FREE NON-EXCLUSIVE license that allows labeling of products and use of the ActiveSeam brand name.

EXCLUSIVE licenses can be purchased for product categories giving the user sole rights to use ActiveSeam and the ActiveSeam brand name.

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Global Production

ActiveSeam is supported around the globe in all major production locales through Merrow's network of agencies AND via Merrow Factory Training.

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30% Stronger, Twice the Stretch

ActiveSeam is a measurably betterstitch that outperforms comparable stitching. When compared to similar flatlock stitching, ActiveSeam was rated 30% stronger and had twice the amount of stretch.

Geometric Variation

With three stitch configurations to select from and nearly infinite combination of stitch cams, the geometric variation of the ActiveSeam class of stitches is limitless.CONTACT the Merrow Stitch Lab® to arrange subnission of your material and development of your ActiveSeam stitch!
Anonymous Merrow

Merrow has manufactured sewing machines since 1838 and remains one of the most interesting companies in the textile space

Merrow Factory Service - FREE Shipping. No Labor Charges. Fast Turn Around.

We've fielded a number of questions about the Merrow Factory Service Program - here are some of the more common one with answers. Have another question? CLICK HERE

Q: How old is my sewing machine
A: We're glad you asked. How Old is your Merrow?

Q: This is a great program, but I have 40 machines can you come here to service them? 
A: We'd love to, but no. What we can do is set up a dedicated service window for your equipment and have some percentage of the machines (say 10 at a time) come in on a palette and be turned around together and quickly.

Q: I need it returned FASTER than 5-7 days....
A: We can help. we have an expedited program, just call us and let us know how quickly everything needs to get done.

Q: Do you replace the gaskets? 
A: We replace any beat-up gaskets that need to be replaced. almost all the gaskets are replaced as part of the $299 program, however there are one or two exceptions

Q: I really like my local mechanic, why are you taking business from him?
A: We also really like your local mechanic. and if he can take care of your Merrow then PLEASE send it to him/her. We're offering this service for all of the Merrow customers who don't have a local mechanic anymore, but want to keep their machines in tip-top shape

Q: Can I send in a non-Merrow Sewing Machine (juki, union special etc...)
A: No. The $299 program is only applicable to Merrow Sewing Machines.

Q: Is this an international program
A: Not right now. Plans for rolling it out in the UK, India, Brazil, Mexico are underway however. If you'd like to be a Factory Service Provider let us know -- if you are in some part of the world that needs service, also let us know.

Q: For $299, what do I get 'free'
A: Obviously having paid $299 nothing is free... however for $299 you get the following
          1. shipping (3 ways) :: box to you ---> machine back to us ----> machine back to you
          2. Upper & lower loopers
          3. Upper & lower cutters
          4. Needle(s)
          5. LABOR!

Q: What happens if the service is more than $299?  
A: If you send in a machine and we can't service it without a serious re-work, we'll call you and let you know what the additional charges are. Keep in mind we WILL NOT charge for additional labor, just parts. OR:

1. We will offer you a credit for the machine if you purchase a new one. The credit averages $600 (not bad if you bought the machine for $50 ....)

2. We will ship it back to you and charge you just for the cost of freight (usually around $50)

Q: is this only for broken machines?
A: No. The program is great for machines that need to be cleaned, tuned, re-oiled, or have general maintenance done. This program does this especially well.

PLEASE EMAIL with more questions. As we get them we'll post the answers to the FAQ. 
Anonymous Merrow

Merrow has manufactured sewing machines since 1838 and remains one of the most interesting companies in the textile space

Monday, October 6, 2014

RIVITEX COMERCIO: Expanding the Merrow Market in Brazil

Rivitex Comercio is a leading parts and equipment supplier to the Brazilian textile industry and a premier Merrow sales agent. Rivitex specializes in overlock sewing and since 1995 has sold and serviced Merrow end-to-end seaming machines used in the textile finishing sector. Recently, Rivitex expanded their presence in Brazil's burgeoning apparel industry and successfully introduced Merrow ActiveSeam. The formula for Rivitex's success was simple:

 1. Visit the Merrow Factory for ActiveSeam sales and service training.
 2. Work with Merrow marketing to develop assets for local advertisement.

 On the heels of a successful showing at the Febratex trade show in Brazil this past August, Thomas Schwarzbach from Rivitex came to Fall River to learn the ins and outs of the MB-4DFO and he brought examples of the advertising materials he made for the Brazilian market. Take a look below for some pictures from Febratex and Thomas' time at Merrow!

You can learn more about Rivitex on their website and Facebook page.

ActiveSeam Ad in "Costura", a major Brazilian print publication.
Brazilian Line Cards
Thomas from Rivitex at Merrow
Anonymous Merrow

Merrow has manufactured sewing machines since 1838 and remains one of the most interesting companies in the textile space