Thursday, March 16, 2023

Merrow Manufacturing Presented with a ‘Heroes of Peace’ Award

 Merrow, est. 1838, is owned and operated by 7th generation family members, Owen and Charlie Merrow. Both have diversified interests in USA-based manufacturing and distribution operations. 

Merrow now has four divisions; Manufacturing, Brand & Product, Medical and Wholesale equipment. Merrow’s strategy is designed around a central thesis championing job creation, workforce training, and manufacturing.

Headquarters are located on 6 acres with a 300,000 sq. foot facility in downtown Fall River, MA. The company is an integral part of the community and works closely with public and private organizations regionally. Merrow’s production is located proximate to the markets supplied, creating regional jobs and investment. The company attributes some of its great success to the culture that has been created within the company, a culture that goes beyond its high standards of production and is seen throughout the community.

The Merrow family believes, “To build remarkable products, as diverse as we do, it takes remarkable engineers, project managers, mechanics, logisticians, stitchers, quality specialists, and designers. The range of experiences and level of expertise at Merrow is extraordinary.”

According to Charlie Merrow, “Our history guides us, but it’s what the people of Merrow do every day that defines us. Merrow Manufacturing will continue to design, engineer, and manufacture the most remarkable products built in the USA.”

Heroes of Peace Award presented to Charlie MerrowHaving such a strong philosophy of company culture and community responsibility within the company is how Charlie Merrow found himself being awarded the Heroes of Peace Award. This award is given out each year on World Peace Day by the Mayor of Fall River. 

This year’s Heroes of Peace Awards recognized a group of community members who have been instrumental in helping the community recover from the devastating pandemic and doing so in a manner that promotes peace and social justice.

Charlie Merrow created the Home Project, putting aside the space in his business for a free store in order to help those in need. The building also hosts other initiatives, including the new Fall River Museum of Contemporary Art, rooms for a business incubator, new regional nonprofits, and the Fabric Festival.

Merrow Merrow

Merrow has manufactured sewing machines since 1838 and remains one of the most interesting companies in the textile space

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