Thursday, August 30, 2007

Merrow Today

I wanted to start off the blog by posting a description of our business model-- it is important that people who share in the Merrow community understand to some degree how complete a company merrow is.

Merrow Inc. is comprised of three business units:

1. Merrow Sewing Machine Co., incorporated in 1838, is the oldest manufacturer of sewing machines in the world. With 6000 stitches and sales (in 2006) to 85 countries worldwide, Merrow is one of the most influential brands in the industrial sewing industry. The Merrow Machine is often described as the ‘Rolls Royce®’ of sewing machine, and an estimated 250,000 are in use worldwide. Merrow Sewing Machines will often last dozens of years in a production environment (sometimes more than 80)

2. Merrow Design, since 2007, is an organization that is engaging designers and the general population in a dialogue about stitches and stitching. Stitching is a critical element in the construction of sewn goods, and can be a powerful design statement; the quality of that stitching and it’s variety are defined by Merrow. the Design unit manages two exciting projects at Merrow. the Merrow SampleRoom program(or Netflix® for Sewing Machines) and the licensing of the Merrow Edge®.

The SampleRoom program enables American designers and manufacturers to leverage Merrow’s 6000 stitch variations without having to purchase or service any equipment. This program effectively reduces the cost of design, the cost of manufacturing, and it increases the number of options available to both designers and manufactures. Merrow also packages and distributes thread and accessories as part of the SampleRoom program; products that have been paired with specific solutions by the Merrow Design Team.

The Merrow Edge® is a royalty based branding program that allows designers to further define the quality of their product by communicating to the consumer the integrity of the stitching. A Merrow Stitch, and consequently a Merrow Stitched product is more refined, more precise and more durable than any other. A product carrying the Merrow Edge® trademark guarantees that the consumer is purchasing a premium product.

3. Merrow Automation: since 2007. The Merrow Automation group is tasked with solving and marketing industrial production solutions using state of the art robotics and Merrow Sewing Machines. With three products in it’s portfolio, the Merrow Automation unit will release a new product every 8 months. Current live products include an automatic napkin sewing unit, a automatic emblem sewing unit, and a automatic railway (for sewing bolts of fabric together).
Unknown Merrow

Merrow has manufactured sewing machines since 1838 and remains one of the most interesting companies in the textile space

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