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Merrow Press Release: Wet-Environment, Nickel-Plated Solution

9/7/07- Merrow Launches Wet-Environment Nickel-Plated Solution for the Merrow Butted-Seam Machine

Wareham, MA – September 7, 2007 – Merrow, Inc.® today introduced its Merrow Wet-Environment Nickel-Plated Solution for the end-to-end continuous loop butt-seaming process.

The 70-D3B2-CNP (Nickel-Plated) Merrow Butt-Seaming machine is engineered exclusively for wet, corrosive environments. Nickel-Plating is a modification to the Merrow Butt-seaming product line which has been a trusted tool for the continuous processing industry since 1964.

“Many of our customers operate the machines in tough environments,” said Merrow CEO Charlie Merrow. “We saw the Nickel-Plated machine as a way to best serve our customers by preserving the longevity of the Merrow Butt-Seaming machine.”

The Nickel-Coating is applied evenly throughout the surface of the frame as well as each individual part to ensure uniform protection against corrosive substances. It is the ideal solution for Dye and Bleach-houses, which expose the Merrow machine to various chemicals on a daily basis.

The Nickel-Plating itself has a bright, attractive finish, responding well to the grinding and polishing administered in the production process.

“Even a high-quality alloy such as a Merrow frame can corrode under certain toxic conditions,” said Director of Production, William Condon. “Nickel-Plating provides a solution for those customers operating in these specific, harsh conditions.”

President of Operations, Owen Merrow commented, “Nickel-Plating’s resistance to corrosion and staining, low maintenance, and attractive luster make it an ideal base material for Merrow’s high-end applications.”

The Nickel-Plated option is available for all Merrow Butted-Seam machinery variations, including the Gap Seam Machine, Rolled Seam Machine, Wide Butted-Seam Machine, the Stitch Multiplier, and the newly released High Pile machine.

The butted seam is the seam of choice for the endwise joining of piece goods. The Merrow line of butted seam machines includes models that will produce butted, gap, and overlap seams to achieve the optimum results, according to the fabrics and manufacturing processes used. Processing advantages include minimal material waste, reduced shrinkage and wrinkling, low bulk, and wet or dry fabric processing.

In the processing of piece goods in continuous processing, it is often beneficial to join one or more pieces end-to-end. The overedge seam, or “Butted Seam” has been adapted to this work, as it attaches pieces end-to-end so that they may lie flat through processes including, but not limited to shearing, dyeing, and bleaching. The ends of the material are confined within the tight seam to reduce bulk, producing a flat, butted seam appropriate for many types of processing.

In a rolled piece of fabric, after finishing inefficient butted seams produce a “raised edge” which increased the area of the roll when the fabric is rolled together. It causes a substantial amount of wasted space and material. With the Merrow Butted Seam, the fabric remains flat no matter how large the roll becomes. An average savings of one quarter of a yard is achieved by using a Merrow Butted Seam.


The uniform drying qualities and the elasticity of the Merrow Butted Seam are of particular value in the processing of rayon fabrics through drying and tentering operations. With silk, the flatness of the saem aids in the processing and subsequent washing and drying processes. The seam will dry in the same length of time and under the same conditions as the rest of the goods.

The Merrow Butted Seam for Woolens and Worsteds allows processes such as dyeing, scouring, drying, shearing, and pressing to be made continuous by joining bolts of fabric with a thin, unobtrusive seam. The final product is uniform, with no shading or wrinkling at the seams.

The Merrow Butted Seam for the processing of cotton fabrics eliminates damage fo the fabrics due to wrinkling, shading of the goods by slow-drying seams, and “marking off” on the goods, which frequently occurs when bulky seams are processed through printing machines or calendars. The Butted Seam is valuable for such processes as bleaching, printing, napping, shearing, or singeing.

Merrow has adapted their products to newly developed fabrics. Recently, Merrow has developed machines that are capable of sewing through extremely heavy and coated material such as leather, fur, airbag cloth, and ballistic Kevlar.

The Merrow 70-D3B-2_CNP machine is currently available at a starting price of $3,899. The Nickel-Plated series is sold in the US direct and through certified Merrow distributors.

Merrow machines are covered by 30-year warranties on cam, shafts, and housing frame.

Merrow has a proud heritage of installing innovation and precision engineering on every machine. Ease of use, clean operation, and refined components reflect more than 167 years of leadership in the textile industry.

For more information on the 70 Class Nickel-Plated series, please visit:
(800) 431-6677

David Merrow

Merrow has manufactured sewing machines since 1838 and remains one of the most interesting companies in the textile space

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