Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hr. 7 in India

We're in Delhi --

Delhi, Just another poor city? No. the sweaters and clean cardigans & clothes made this impossible. Clouds of dirt and cars and noise and everyone somehow appears dressed well.

Yet Unmistakably poor. Poor on the roadside, filthy slums and bi-level concrete shell housing farther out as you look. For 20 minutes or so I was deceived into thinking Mexico, or name your place.

And then, cows in the road!

Not being herded, harassed, harangued or otherwise. not being owned by anyone apparent. Just loitering... The Indian Cow, everything started to make sense.

Then there were monkeys. And I looked closer and the poverty felt different. More like the stories i’ve read, not kipling the Other stories. Beggars and desperation that was harder, larger, tougher.

But the color and the clean clothes and the smiling kids in the back window of a bus waving at the stopped car behind was very familiar. Even the smiles on the dirty street kids were recognizable. So this was the contrast --

And now at the hotel i’m sitting in the dining room. Indian band just stopped playing and the cook at the buffet named guptarathi really likes making me spicy food-- got this grin on his face when he hands my plate back ( because I keep returning my plate asking for spicier food...)

Me and India, we're going to have a great time it would seem

Couple of hr.s prepping for the show tomorrow -- and it's gametime.

I'll wear a cardigan
Unknown Merrow

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