Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Merrow Tags

What's on the Merrow Site.... As we replumb and begin managing a new release of Merrow.com here's a pretty picture of what's there:
  72-D3B     Merrow Apps     70-Y3B-2     14-48     A-90-3-N     Ziggurat Table, with Air Motor Kit     Community     6-A-7     70-1D-7     Products     6-90     Store     M-110-A-5     A-90-7-N     Merrow Video     Merrow #85 Looper     6-91-K     MG-3DW-7     MG-3U     A-90-3     Needle Carriers     Classic Sewing Table     6DT     Support     72-D3B-R     Merrow #120 Lower Looper     Needles     Cutters     Merrow #97 Looper     8D     Merrow #110 Lower Looper     6-91-F     14-46     4BD     Blog     Merrow Login     6-91-E     8SD         Tables and Motors     Needles and Loopers     4DT     MG-3DW-2     the Merrow Blog     Merrow #100 Looper (Lower)     Merrow #105 Looper (Upper)     6-91-K-N     A-90-7     Contact Us     Classic Table, with Electric Motor     Locate an Agent     2SD     Merrow #79 Looper     Home     70-D3B-2     Loopers     HOOK8     70-D3B-2-CNP     Tables     MG-2DNR-1     Classic Sewing Table, Assembled     6-91     Battery Powered Table     Sewing Machines     How Old is your Merrow?     Merrow Refurbished Machine     Merrow #94 Looper     Merrow Home     HOOK59     Merrow #92 Looper     Merrow #72 Looper (Lower)     7SDT     5D     M-110-A-1     About Us     6-91-H     Manuals & Instructions     M-110-A-6     M-110-A-1-N     Service Account Login     6-90-C     Merrow Store     6-A-7-N     70-D3B-2-RAIL     MG-3Q-3     Needle Selector Tool     View Stitch Samples     3D     B2SD     Ziggurat Sewing Table         Merrow #99 Looper     Merrow #77 Looper (Upper)  
Unknown Merrow

Merrow has manufactured sewing machines since 1838 and remains one of the most interesting companies in the textile space

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