Friday, June 18, 2010

Launch of New Travel Blog

... And I'm the new intern whose going to tell you about it, but more on me later ...

Thanks to Merrow's international business relationships the following months will be filled with plenty of traveling, working and meeting with Merrow customers, making new friends and seeing old ones, and who knows, maybe a little bit of intrigue. This blog will provide a separate space for our travel news, documenting all of our global exploits and the surprises along the way, and hopefully providing a forum for us here at Merrow to share our adventures with you and to learn about yours! Maybe there'll be a post about what its like to try the street food in Bangkok, or maybe you have some advice for us from your last trip to East Asia? Let us know!

The summer is kicking off this weekend with Charlie leaving on a 3 week trip that begins in the city of Shanghai. He'll then make his way East, heading to Bangkok June 29th and then up and over to Istanbul July 4th. Thanks to friends of mine, who

are either from Shanghai or have studied abroad there, I know a little bit about it (though admittedly not too much). It is apparently a city of contrasts where you're likely to be walking down a street on the level of say NYs Fifth Avenue, only to turn a corner and find yourself in a bustling street market, or perhaps the grittier, uncompromising side of town. Thanks to a class I took I also know that the metropolis is famous for its architectural heritage, filled with skyscrapers, and exhibiting styles as varied as modern, neoclassical, art deco, and traditional Jiangnan. I checked the weather for Shanghai, and apparently June is both the city's rainiest and most humid month—we'll have to wait until Charlie posts on the travel blog to see what he thinks of it. Be sure to check it out and keep an eye out for new posts!

Hope everyone gets to enjoy the sunshine and their Friday Afternoon!



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