Friday, November 12, 2010

Merrow Brand Sewing Machines for a variety of applications

the Merrow Brand Sewing Machine has defined a series of categories for more then 150 years.

Today we're going to list the top ten markets in which Merrow Brand Sewing Machines are best of class:

1. Hosiery - Merrow manufactures the 4D series machines for hosiery, toe-closing and decorative stitching.

2. Continuous Processing - the 70 and 72 class machines are designed specifically for joining materials together with a flat seam

3. Hemming - the Merrow 2D series machines were once the industry standard hemming machines, and have since been replaced with inexpensive japanese and chinese alternatives. The Merrow 2D machines continue to be the most refined and most reliable for industrial hemming

4. General Overlocking with a concentration on Medium to Heavyweight overlock sewing - the Merrow 3DW series machines are the best performing industrial overlock sewing machine for Sweaters, Fleece, and mid-weight wools. You can seam or edge your designs with these machines and like  all Merrow Machines they last a lifetime.

5. Emblems - the Merrow 3U machine is quite simply the best in the world for edging emblems

The New Emblem Application Page

6. Purl Stitching- the 2DNR series machines from Merrow lay out the tightest most delicate edge that can be sewn on fabric - bar none. There is no other sewing machine that can put as tight a purl edge on silks and delicate fabrics as the 2DNR machines. For lingerie the 2DNR machines are ideal.

7. Netting - Our 3DGE series machines for sewing laundry bags and seaming light nets
8. Shell Stitching - the Q series machines sew a high speed shell as a decoration on light and medium fabrics and can be applied with a mirrored backing allowing for reversible product

9. Crochet Stitching - Merrow has a complete line of crochet stitching machines, and manufactures the only high speed crochet machines in the world. The blanket stitch, large shell stitching and
10. Athletic Seaming - the new FS1 series of machine is built to create flat stitching that can replace a two needle coverstitch for athletic equipment. This machine was released in 2009 for testing and has since quickly been adopted as a replacement for high-end athletic apparel.
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Merrow has manufactured sewing machines since 1838 and remains one of the most interesting companies in the textile space

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