Thursday, December 4, 2014

The 2014 Merrow Pie Contest: Pies, Pie Charts and Extra Pounds

I thought a pie chart would be an appropriate graphic to illustrate the winner of the Sixth Annual 2014 Merrow pie chart:

2014 Merrow Pie Contest Pie Chart
Still too complicated for you? NATALINHA WON THE 2014 MERROW PIE CONTEST.

This year's contest pushed the company's caloric intake limit with TWENTY delectable submissions - everything from Natalinha's award winning 'New Bedford Chicken Pie' (complete with gravy) to the underwhelming 'Westport Pumpkin Custard' entered by the indefatigable Lynn Folan who had a total of three entrees.

With the number of pies that were baked up, schlepped to Merrow, and consumed, the contest lasted ten days and two pie categories were created: SAVORY or SWEET. Contestants were allowed to enter one or both categories, and in some cases both at once (as with Lynn's Bacon Apple Pie). Though Nat was top dog, Justin Monteiro (Chicken Chili Pie), Matt Medas (Apple Pie Babka), and Manny DeLeon (Banana Cream Pie) all walked away with prize money.

This was the sixth year of Merrow's annual pie contest and if total calories consumed were a measure of success, than this year's contest was off the (pie) charts. Merrow employees now have 12 months to work off the extra pounds in preparation for year number seven! CLICK HERE to view photos of the pies and their creators.

Merrow Pie Contest Score Sheet

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