Thursday, December 5, 2019

Coming early 2020, ActiveSeam® 3 – Merrow’s newest innovation – builds on its predecessors with a technically superior design that cannot be replicated by any other machine.  ActiveSeam® 3 provides unprecedented stretch and strength to all performance garments.

  • 3 distinct stitch configurations with  12 design options
  • Joins differently textured fabrics, including non-wovens and neoprene 
  • Increased processing abilities for thicker materials, as well as up to 8 layers of fabric
  • Easily fits into factory overlock sections

ActiveSeam® 3 retains a flat profile, yet is 30% stronger than a six-thread flatlock stitch that uses the same thread, fabric, and SPI settings. The stitch has a specialized threading to be soft on the inside, but tough on the outside for maximum comfort and durability. The flexible build fits and moves better than any other stitch. Activewear and other next-to-skin garments are lighter, stretchier, and stronger with ActiveSeam® 3.

Compared to traditional flatlock stitches, ActiveSeam® 3:

  • Uses less thread
  • Stretches 100% further
  • Supports up to 40 lb more weight
  • Maintains a slimmer profile
  • Is softer on skin
  • Crosses seams with fewer holes

ActiveSeam® 3 can be incorporated into thousands of designs in a variety of fields:

  • Active
  • Non-Apparel
  • Lifestyle
  • Military
  • Safety gear
  • Medical

Want to know how to incorporate ActiveSeam® 3 into your project?

Merrow’s Design and Development service can help!

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