Tuesday, December 2, 2008

the move

What a day!

we've moved. and what a place we've moved to....

A long time ago Fall River, MA was the epicenter of fabric production. Out of our new south facing windows we look at the Durfee Buffington building; once the largest textile mill in the world.

Today we are residents of 502 Bedford St., and take up the top floor of a 132 year old Mill Building. Merrow is spread across 30,000 sq. feet with terrific views of a half dozen other mills, and most of Fall River.

It will take us another six to eight weeks to finish the renovation. But as of right now, we've got new digs. And it feels great.

Unknown Merrow

Merrow has manufactured sewing machines since 1838 and remains one of the most interesting companies in the textile space

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