Thursday, March 16, 2017

NEW: Compact Professional Sewing Table by Merrow

The MERROW HELMSMAN TABLE is a compact professional sewing table, designed to be the most efficient, reliable, and portable table for all sewing solutions. Both ergonomically-friendly and highly transportable, this unique table is the best of both worlds. 

  • Adjustable table height-- sit or stand while sewing!
  • Locking casters available in 2-1/2" or 4"
  • Wooden top available in pre-drilled or flat top-- accommodates ALL machine types!
  • 7 color options to fit any style!
The HELMSMAN SEWING TABLE by Merrow is the narrowest table on the market, boasting a 24" x 20" work surface. The top is comprised of versatile industrial wood with a laminated top and is rated to support 300 lbs. The height is fully adjustable, allowing for easy adaptation to various applications. The z-leg frame is seated atop four swivel locking casters, which make it extremely maneuverable. The table is lightweight, durable, and easy to assemble, making it the ideal table for any location-- from industrial production to home sewing. 
Merrow Helmsman Compact Professional Sewing Table

The HELMSMAN SEWING TABLE can be used with an air, clutch, or servo motor. Additional configurations for wet environments are available.  While it come standard with 2-1/2 inch rolling casters that are ideal for clean, flat workplaces, it can also be upgraded to include 4-inch casters. This upgrade is strongly recommended for any location where the table will encounter obstacles or uneven surfaces. The 4-inch wheels glide easily over obstacles and are less likely to become wrapped in discarded thread, material, and/or debris. They are available in four colors: grey, red, maroon, or blue. 

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Merrow Compact Professional Sewing Table

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