Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Merrow Pie Baking Contest Day 1 & Day 2 & 3

so the pie baking contest begins...
and it's a barn burner.

we have a winner:
1st place: Julianna
2nd place: Robyn
3rd place: Justin

12 pies entered
fastest eaten: justin's Meat Pie
slowest eaten: owen's medical mystery pumpkin
most manipulation during serving: robyn
best decoration: nate's UCS Pie
prettiest: Lev's Cherry
dog's favorite: owen's chocolate
best quiche: charlie's quiche
best delivery: donna's apple

Best Overall Pie: Julianna's Apple

congrats to all!
Happy Thanksgiving
An updated slide show from Day3:

We're writing on day two after consuming 8 pies (7 dessert, one outstanding quiche)

The rules are:
1. everyone votes on several categories
2. there are no rules
3. winner gets $100

Day 3 is tomorrow. This is awesome.
Unknown Merrow

Merrow has manufactured sewing machines since 1838 and remains one of the most interesting companies in the textile space


Robyn said...

Place aided by assistance from fellow contestant:Justin's Meat Pie

Anonymous said...

best apple pie that came in second place: Robyn's Apple

Anonymous said...

$100!!! How can people enter this contest in the future?

There are many people who would like to have a go at that kind of money for Baking Pie!!!!