Thursday, October 9, 2014

Merrow Factory Service - FREE Shipping. No Labor Charges. Fast Turn Around.

We've fielded a number of questions about the Merrow Factory Service Program - here are some of the more common one with answers. Have another question? CLICK HERE

Q: How old is my sewing machine
A: We're glad you asked. How Old is your Merrow?

Q: This is a great program, but I have 40 machines can you come here to service them? 
A: We'd love to, but no. What we can do is set up a dedicated service window for your equipment and have some percentage of the machines (say 10 at a time) come in on a palette and be turned around together and quickly.

Q: I need it returned FASTER than 5-7 days....
A: We can help. we have an expedited program, just call us and let us know how quickly everything needs to get done.

Q: Do you replace the gaskets? 
A: We replace any beat-up gaskets that need to be replaced. almost all the gaskets are replaced as part of the $299 program, however there are one or two exceptions

Q: I really like my local mechanic, why are you taking business from him?
A: We also really like your local mechanic. and if he can take care of your Merrow then PLEASE send it to him/her. We're offering this service for all of the Merrow customers who don't have a local mechanic anymore, but want to keep their machines in tip-top shape

Q: Can I send in a non-Merrow Sewing Machine (juki, union special etc...)
A: No. The $299 program is only applicable to Merrow Sewing Machines.

Q: Is this an international program
A: Not right now. Plans for rolling it out in the UK, India, Brazil, Mexico are underway however. If you'd like to be a Factory Service Provider let us know -- if you are in some part of the world that needs service, also let us know.

Q: For $299, what do I get 'free'
A: Obviously having paid $299 nothing is free... however for $299 you get the following
          1. shipping (3 ways) :: box to you ---> machine back to us ----> machine back to you
          2. Upper & lower loopers
          3. Upper & lower cutters
          4. Needle(s)
          5. LABOR!

Q: What happens if the service is more than $299?  
A: If you send in a machine and we can't service it without a serious re-work, we'll call you and let you know what the additional charges are. Keep in mind we WILL NOT charge for additional labor, just parts. OR:

1. We will offer you a credit for the machine if you purchase a new one. The credit averages $600 (not bad if you bought the machine for $50 ....)

2. We will ship it back to you and charge you just for the cost of freight (usually around $50)

Q: is this only for broken machines?
A: No. The program is great for machines that need to be cleaned, tuned, re-oiled, or have general maintenance done. This program does this especially well.

PLEASE EMAIL with more questions. As we get them we'll post the answers to the FAQ. 
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Merrow has manufactured sewing machines since 1838 and remains one of the most interesting companies in the textile space

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