Thursday, October 9, 2014

ActiveSeam Fall 2014 Update

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Fall 14 ActiveSeam Update

It has been a remarkable six months for the worldwide roll-out and development of ActiveSeam. As the ActiveSeam application list and customer base grows, the program supporting its implementation has expanded to include new licensing agreements and a broad spectrum of production facilities! From its use on superfine merino wool to seamless circular knit products, the ActiveSeam stitch and brand name are a recognizable value-add and a mark of performance and quality. CLICK HERE to view a NEW interactive ActiveSeam brochure or email with production questions or for EXCLUSIVE/NON-EXCLUSIVE licensing information.
Want a hard copy brochure? CLICK HERE


All users of ActiveSeam are entitled to a FREE NON-EXCLUSIVE license that allows labeling of products and use of the ActiveSeam brand name.

EXCLUSIVE licenses can be purchased for product categories giving the user sole rights to use ActiveSeam and the ActiveSeam brand name.

CLICK HERE for Licensing Information

Global Production

ActiveSeam is supported around the globe in all major production locales through Merrow's network of agencies AND via Merrow Factory Training.

For more information, CLICK HERE

30% Stronger, Twice the Stretch

ActiveSeam is a measurably betterstitch that outperforms comparable stitching. When compared to similar flatlock stitching, ActiveSeam was rated 30% stronger and had twice the amount of stretch.

Geometric Variation

With three stitch configurations to select from and nearly infinite combination of stitch cams, the geometric variation of the ActiveSeam class of stitches is limitless.CONTACT the Merrow Stitch Lab® to arrange subnission of your material and development of your ActiveSeam stitch!
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