Friday, March 31, 2017

Improve Your Stitch With ActiveSeam Training

ActiveSeam, the ONLY branded stitch created by Merrow's own MB-4DFO, has already begun to revolutionize the fashion and medical garments industry. As we continue to expand its varied application and use with the ActiveSeam 2.0 Platform, we'd like to offer a FREE asset to folks interested in learning more about the MB-4DFO or Activeseam

The Merrow MB-4DFO-2 ActiveSeam Training and Workshop!

ActiveSeam Training at Merrow

Join us at the Merrow Factory in Fall River, MA for a hands-on, skill-building experience. Bring your own material and/or thread, any questions you might have, and be ready to tell us about your application! This workshop is a designer's dream, offering exclusive time with Merrow's team of experts and giving you complete control of your stitch's aesthetic. There are four primary goals of the ActiveSeam level 1 certification training:
  1. To understand and practice basic machine maintenance.
  2. To achieve and adjust the Infused, Comfort, and Slim ActiveSeam stitches.
  3. To sew on a wide variety of material types.
  4. To understand the capability and versatility of Merrow's complete line of MB-Class ActiveSeam machines.

ActiveSeam Training at Merrow

During this training, you'll be given a comprehensive overview of the MB-4DFO-2 platform, including mechanical and functional ActiveSeam improvements. You will also learn basic machine maintenance including:

  • Replacing needles, needle carrier assembly, needle plate, loopers, looper setting (bending), feed dog adjustment, upper and lower cutters, lubrication, cleaning oil filter, gasket, needle carrier adjustment, and more. 
But that's not all! All stitches produced by the MB-Class machines will be covered-- the Infused Stitch, the Comfort Stitch, the Slim Stitch, the Micro, and the 2.3, 2.4, and 2.7

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ActiveSeam Training at Merrow

You will also spend time working on the machines, including going over how to thread the machine, thread tension, stitch formation, and stitch adjustment. Additionally, feed eccentrics, adjusting the stitch spacing (SPI), adjusting the differential, and sewing on different fabric types will all be included in this training.

You will leave the training confident that you've worked through any issues and feeling equipped to handle any future difficulties you might encounter thanks to our personalized and solution-oriented approach to training!

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ActiveSeam Training at Merrow

This opportunity is extremely beneficial to anyone who has interest in the MB-Class machines or wants to learn more about Merrow's application-specific solutions. Merrow dealers in particular will find it especially advantageous, as we do provide a certificate of completion upon finishing the two-day training.

Don't miss out on this FREE, AMAZING opportunity to increase your knowledge and skills. Sign up today! 

Upcoming Training Dates:

  • May 4th & 5th
  • July 13th & 14th
  • October 5th & 6th

Meet your Merrow Master Technicians:

ActiveSeam Training at Merrow
Manny & Lev,  Merrow Master Technicians
Upcoming Training Dates:

May 4th & 5th
July 13th & 14th
October 5th & 6th

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