Tuesday, February 9, 2016

In Living Colour

If you appreciate the elegance and beauty in mechanical mastery, then a walk through the Merrow facility is akin to a trip to the Louvre. Here's a few moments to wet your whistle: machines in colour. Machines as only Merrow can make them. #thestitchmatters www.merrow.com

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Merrow Agents around the World

With Agents in 86 countries around the world, it's easy to get service and support for Merrow Sewing Machines. Take a look at the new Agent locater tool, and find you local Merrow Man. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Carter Smith, develops new dress with ActiveSeam!

ActiveSeam gets Fashionable! 

Recently I invited Carter Smith (a fashion designer from Massachusetts) to visit Merrow to learn about ActiveSeam. 

While Carter left with a new creative outlet and a new way to make dresses, here are my takeaways from his visit: 

1. Merrow In-house training is fast and effective 
2. We create high return on investment 
3. Not enough people know about Merrow's solutions!!! 


We introduced Carter to the MB-4DFO and within fifteen minutes he had created a one-of-a-kind dress featuring a unique version of ActiveSeam (image at right). 

The dress - and Carter's visit to Merrow - is a great example of the speed and effectiveness with which Merrow works to bring proprietary projects to life. 

 Carter Smith has been creating Shibori fabrics for nearly 50 years. His couture designs speak to timelessness and luxury and it's no surprise that many of his dresses are sewn with a Merrow Purl. 

Carter has been Merrowing for decades and even teaches how to use Merrows in fashion design.

 If you or someone you know would like to visit Merrow to create your own sewn solution, please share this blog post or contact me at:

 s.johnson@merrow.com! Sarah Johnson (508) 689-4095 x824

Friday, February 6, 2015

The Merrow Purl: Refined and Reintroduced in Malbec Red

The Merrow Purl.

Paint the Town Red.

Merrow is unleashing the Purl, the most delicate, most refined stitch for the finished edge of piece goods. Released in Malbec red, the new Purl will be available in May 2015.

Friday, January 30, 2015

ActiveSeam at Outdoor Retailer

The ActiveSeam family of stitches is designed to meet your product specifications. Designed by the Merrow Sewing Machine Co, ActiveSeam is the world's first branded stitch and a NEW way to market to customers.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Activeseam.com launches: Activeseam is the future - Great Stitching now has a voice and a name.

Activeseam.com is the future.....

 2015, the year anonymous seams - become history

 We will work tirelessly to make consumers aware that a stitch, a seam, a sewn edge - are quantifiably different, and that the consumer is empowered to distinguish between the good, the great, and the shite.

Merrow at Imprint Canada Show Toronto, Canada!

Russell Pritchard of Pritchard Paper Products poses with a Merrow banner displayed at the Imprint Canada Show.

Merrow was at the Imprint Canada show in Toronto, Canada thanks to Bruce Fogel from Embroidery Systems Canada. Embroidery Systems Canada is a premier Merrow agent that specializes in all things embroidery and emblems. If you're in the Great White North and are in need of Merrow equipment, be sure to contact Bruce.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

MG-3U Resources - Sewing, Setup, Thread

I've had quite a few questions regarding the operation, sewing, and recommended threads for the MG-3U emblem edging machine, so I thought I'd create a post with some resources (there are many).

For general information on the machine (we typically refer to this as pre-sale), the Merrow website is the de facto source for all things emblem edging. From mechanical overviews to breakdowns of available MG-3U models to high resolution emblem photos, www.merrow.com has all the information one needs to learn what the MG-3U does, how it does it, and why it's the number one sewing machine for edging an emblem.

Once you're convinced of the merits of the MG-3U and purchased one for your business, you'll need to know a little more about the parts you can replace and where to put the threads. The support section of the Merrow website is the best in the business - here you'll find a parts book, threading diagram (#40), and instruction manual for the MG-3U as well as any other Merrow model you might be running. Make sure you check out the trouble shooting section in the left column - it's a great place to start if you're experiencing growing pains or something seems not quite right.

The Merrow 'Emblem Edging' YouTube page is a great resource for visualizing an MG-3U in action. Videos range from novice (setting up the MG-3U on a sewing table) to the more advanced (when to ignore the edge guide when sewing complex shapes). We're constantly updating the available videos (and would be happy to post any you've created yourself!) so check in often and be sure to comment and let us know what improvements we can make.

Perhaps the best kept secret on the interwebs, emblemedge.com is the top online commerce site for keeping your MG-3U threaded, serviced, and up-to-speed. Here you can buy parts, accessories, tools, and even service for your machine, but perhaps best of all, you can purchase Merrow emblem thread. The best (aesthetic, strength, and sewability) merrowing thread for your MG-3U is combination of different weights of nylon and polyester threads, and emblemedge.com gives a clear and concise breakdown of what threads you need and where they go (upper looper, lower looper, or needle). There are a wide range of stock colors available but if you don't see what you need, give us a call and we'll source the shade you want. 

I hope that this is useful. Of course our sales staff is the best resource there is, and they can be reached at any time via our Facebook page, email, or our toll-free number 888.431.6677. 

Nate Murray
Director of Marketing
Merrow Sewing Machine Co.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays

And here's to a great 2015

As is typical when a year comes to a close, we reflect back on what dominated the news (Sochi Olympics, crash of Malaysian Airlines flight 370, the rise of ISIS andEbola), notable accomplishments (Germany wins the World CupRosetta Spacecraft Philae lands on Comet 67P, U.S. lifts the Cuban embargo), andsadly, who was lost (Maya Angelou, Horace Silver, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Robin Williams).

Looking back, 2014 was a building year for Merrow - building our staff, building new systems, building new relationships, building our office. Notably, we reinstated theMerrow Factory Training program, took a crew of six to Atlanta for Texprocess Americas, were recognized for the impact ActiveSeam is having in world markets ,presented at Dreamforce and won an award for our ERP system. In sum, we strengthened our foundation and shored up our walls for what is going to be a transformative 2015.

Here's some of what we've got planned:
  • A NEW ActiveSeam® Sewing Machine to be released at Texprocess in May
  • The NEW RED PURL line of sewing machines featuring the MicroPurl™ Branded Stitch
  • The release of a 2015 Merrow Crochet Class with a NEW look and FASTER speed
  • A NEW coating for our line of Waterproof sewing machines
We'll also vamp up the Factory Training Program, head to Germany to display at Texprocess in Frankfurt, and be at local trade shows around the world. We hope to see you, hear from you, and discuss how we're going to push forward our mission to add value to the sewn product industry. 
From all of us at the Merrow Sewing Machine Co., have a great holiday season and we will see you next year.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Decorating the Merrow Christmas Tree - A Time Lapse Video

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The 2014 Merrow Pie Contest: Pies, Pie Charts and Extra Pounds

I thought a pie chart would be an appropriate graphic to illustrate the winner of the Sixth Annual 2014 Merrow pie chart:

2014 Merrow Pie Contest Pie Chart
Still too complicated for you? NATALINHA WON THE 2014 MERROW PIE CONTEST.

This year's contest pushed the company's caloric intake limit with TWENTY delectable submissions - everything from Natalinha's award winning 'New Bedford Chicken Pie' (complete with gravy) to the underwhelming 'Westport Pumpkin Custard' entered by the indefatigable Lynn Folan who had a total of three entrees.

With the number of pies that were baked up, schlepped to Merrow, and consumed, the contest lasted ten days and two pie categories were created: SAVORY or SWEET. Contestants were allowed to enter one or both categories, and in some cases both at once (as with Lynn's Bacon Apple Pie). Though Nat was top dog, Justin Monteiro (Chicken Chili Pie), Matt Medas (Apple Pie Babka), and Manny DeLeon (Banana Cream Pie) all walked away with prize money.

This was the sixth year of Merrow's annual pie contest and if total calories consumed were a measure of success, than this year's contest was off the (pie) charts. Merrow employees now have 12 months to work off the extra pounds in preparation for year number seven! CLICK HERE to view photos of the pies and their creators.

Merrow Pie Contest Score Sheet

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Glimpse Inside Merrow

At Merrow we don't wait around for others to do things, we do it ourselves. Here's a quick time lapse video of the people, dogs, and activity that keeps us moving forward. Enjoy.

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Merrow "Y" Machine

The Merrow 70-Y3B-2 (on Sale!)

Like a Merrow 70-D3B-2, but with a STITCH MULTIPLIER


"Y" to Buy:

  • ON SALE! Through December 30 2014 there is a $265 reduction on the price of the 70-Y3B-2
  • The 70-Y3B-2 is the only end-to-end seaming machine that doubles the stitch count on the fly
  • With variable SPI, the stitch multiplier is like having two machines in one! 
  • 21 Day Lead Time!
Contact sales@merrow.com for more details or to locate a Merrow dealer.
Watch the Video
The Merrow 70-Y3B-2 industrial sewing machine from Merrow is the only sewing machine for butted seaming with a STITCH MULTIPLIER built into the sewing head. The machine sews a 5/8” stitch. The stitch count can be doubled while the operator is sewing and is effective for processing loose weaves to higher densities fabrics.
Wide seams of joined fabric are weak at the edges (the selvages) and the 70-Y3B-2 addresses this byDOUBLING THE STITCH COUNT on demand to add strength to seams - when and where it’s needed. To double the stitch count, the operator simply presses the 70-Y3B-2’s STITCH MULTIPLIER LEVER while material is being sewn.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Merrow for High Speed Knit Seaming - The 71-Class

High Speed Joining of Knit Fabric

Make the Merrow 71-1D-2 and 71-1D-7 part of your continuous process

The Merrow 71-Class is the number one solution for seaming knit fabric at high speed. Available as two models, the 71-Class is designed for automated railway or table top use and is suitable for wet or dry environments. The 71-1D-2 is a solution for lightweight material, and the 71-1D-7 is suitable for medium to heavier knits.

The 71-class machines sew a flat, 3/8" butted seam at very high speed. At 3/8" the stitch is tighter and more compact, creating a secure joint on lightweight fabric. The 71-Class' stitch will not interfere with subsequent finishing processes.
The 71-Class of machines are durable, reliable, and easy to service. 71-Class machines do not recirculate oil to prevent contamination of internal components and run for decades with regular service. 
  • 4000 RPM Sewing Speed
  • 4-12 SPI
  • 1 or 2 Threads
  • Butted Seam

All Merrow 71-Class machines are available with a durable painted finish or a chemically nickel plated exterior for especially wet or exposed environments. 

The MERROW RAVEN TABLE is designed for MERROW 71-Class machines and is ideal for use in textile finishing operations. It is compact, portable, and accommodates standard motors as well as the Merrow Air Motor.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

NEW ActiveSeam Products - See the on the Merrow ActiveSeam Application Page

ActiveSeam Products

Sharing ActiveSeam Applications has never been easier

The Merrow ActiveSeam Application page is a fantastic way to view the details behind ActiveSeam products! We've added six NEW products including merino shirtssoft shell pants, and Polartec® tops and will be adding more products as the use of ActiveSeam branded stitching expands. Check it out today! Navigation and features are explained below.

Need printed ActiveSeam brochures? CLICK HERE
Interactive ActiveSeam Flip Book

For more information, questions, or to request an online presentation, contactnate@merrow.com

Thursday, October 9, 2014

ActiveSeam Fall 2014 Update

Contact nate@merrow.com for details or visit http://merrow.uberflip.com/i/392584 to view the ActiveSeam flipbook.

Fall 14 ActiveSeam Update

It has been a remarkable six months for the worldwide roll-out and development of ActiveSeam. As the ActiveSeam application list and customer base grows, the program supporting its implementation has expanded to include new licensing agreements and a broad spectrum of production facilities! From its use on superfine merino wool to seamless circular knit products, the ActiveSeam stitch and brand name are a recognizable value-add and a mark of performance and quality. CLICK HERE to view a NEW interactive ActiveSeam brochure or email nate@merrow.com with production questions or for EXCLUSIVE/NON-EXCLUSIVE licensing information.
Want a hard copy brochure? CLICK HERE


All users of ActiveSeam are entitled to a FREE NON-EXCLUSIVE license that allows labeling of products and use of the ActiveSeam brand name.

EXCLUSIVE licenses can be purchased for product categories giving the user sole rights to use ActiveSeam and the ActiveSeam brand name.

CLICK HERE for Licensing Information

Global Production

ActiveSeam is supported around the globe in all major production locales through Merrow's network of agencies AND via Merrow Factory Training.

For more information, CLICK HERE

30% Stronger, Twice the Stretch

ActiveSeam is a measurably betterstitch that outperforms comparable stitching. When compared to similar flatlock stitching, ActiveSeam was rated 30% stronger and had twice the amount of stretch.

Geometric Variation

With three stitch configurations to select from and nearly infinite combination of stitch cams, the geometric variation of the ActiveSeam class of stitches is limitless.CONTACT the Merrow Stitch Lab® to arrange subnission of your material and development of your ActiveSeam stitch!

Merrow Factory Service - FREE Shipping. No Labor Charges. Fast Turn Around.

We've fielded a number of questions about the Merrow Factory Service Program - here are some of the more common one with answers. Have another question? CLICK HERE

Q: How old is my sewing machine
A: We're glad you asked. How Old is your Merrow?

Q: This is a great program, but I have 40 machines can you come here to service them? 
A: We'd love to, but no. What we can do is set up a dedicated service window for your equipment and have some percentage of the machines (say 10 at a time) come in on a palette and be turned around together and quickly.

Q: I need it returned FASTER than 5-7 days....
A: We can help. we have an expedited program, just call us and let us know how quickly everything needs to get done.

Q: Do you replace the gaskets? 
A: We replace any beat-up gaskets that need to be replaced. almost all the gaskets are replaced as part of the $299 program, however there are one or two exceptions

Q: I really like my local mechanic, why are you taking business from him?
A: We also really like your local mechanic. and if he can take care of your Merrow then PLEASE send it to him/her. We're offering this service for all of the Merrow customers who don't have a local mechanic anymore, but want to keep their machines in tip-top shape

Q: Can I send in a non-Merrow Sewing Machine (juki, union special etc...)
A: No. The $299 program is only applicable to Merrow Sewing Machines.

Q: Is this an international program
A: Not right now. Plans for rolling it out in the UK, India, Brazil, Mexico are underway however. If you'd like to be a Factory Service Provider let us know -- if you are in some part of the world that needs service, also let us know.

Q: For $299, what do I get 'free'
A: Obviously having paid $299 nothing is free... however for $299 you get the following
          1. shipping (3 ways) :: box to you ---> machine back to us ----> machine back to you
          2. Upper & lower loopers
          3. Upper & lower cutters
          4. Needle(s)
          5. LABOR!

Q: What happens if the service is more than $299?  
A: If you send in a machine and we can't service it without a serious re-work, we'll call you and let you know what the additional charges are. Keep in mind we WILL NOT charge for additional labor, just parts. OR:

1. We will offer you a credit for the machine if you purchase a new one. The credit averages $600 (not bad if you bought the machine for $50 ....)

2. We will ship it back to you and charge you just for the cost of freight (usually around $50)

Q: is this only for broken machines?
A: No. The program is great for machines that need to be cleaned, tuned, re-oiled, or have general maintenance done. This program does this especially well.

PLEASE EMAIL sales@merrow.com with more questions. As we get them we'll post the answers to the FAQ. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

RIVITEX COMERCIO: Expanding the Merrow Market in Brazil

Rivitex Comercio is a leading parts and equipment supplier to the Brazilian textile industry and a premier Merrow sales agent. Rivitex specializes in overlock sewing and since 1995 has sold and serviced Merrow end-to-end seaming machines used in the textile finishing sector. Recently, Rivitex expanded their presence in Brazil's burgeoning apparel industry and successfully introduced Merrow ActiveSeam. The formula for Rivitex's success was simple:

 1. Visit the Merrow Factory for ActiveSeam sales and service training.
 2. Work with Merrow marketing to develop assets for local advertisement.

 On the heels of a successful showing at the Febratex trade show in Brazil this past August, Thomas Schwarzbach from Rivitex came to Fall River to learn the ins and outs of the MB-4DFO and he brought examples of the advertising materials he made for the Brazilian market. Take a look below for some pictures from Febratex and Thomas' time at Merrow!

You can learn more about Rivitex on their website and Facebook page.

ActiveSeam Ad in "Costura", a major Brazilian print publication.
Brazilian Line Cards
Thomas from Rivitex at Merrow

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Downloading Merrow Marketing Swag Just got Super Easy

We've made it easy to VIEW and DOWNLOAD Merrow marketing material right from the Merrow website. Everything you need for trade shows, showroom displays, and presentations is conveniently located under the "Marketing Downloads" section of the main menu in an easy to read, interactive flipbook. CLICK HERE or on the graphic below to see the full version with available downloads!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Not Just Looper Bending - The Benefits of Merrow Factory Training

From September 9-11 Merrow hosted 16 people from seven countries as part of our bi-annual (soon to be tri-annual? quarterly?) Factory Training program. While the session was extremely productive, it was most gratifying to be at the center of a collaboration between industry professionals from around the world. As they learned the nuances of servicing a Merrow at the hands of master technicians, folks informed each other of the different applications, markets, and uses for Merrow machines - it's safe to say everyone left with a much stronger knowledge base than what they walked in with.

Click the image above to see more pictures of the event - if you'd like to attend the next one, email nate@merrow.com.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Merrow ActiveSeam enters the Indian and Bangladeshi markets for athletic and technical apparel

Courtesy of StitchWorld India...

What does a 176 year old sewing machine manufacturer based in the US do when faced with competition from a Chinese sewing machine industry that is getting bigger by the day? For some the answer may be to cut prices or shut shop, but not for the Merrow Sewing Machine Company. Realising that there is only one survival mantra – innovate or exit – Merrow took the challenge and is today the proud patent owner of perhaps one of the most revolutionary inventions in the stitching domain in the last decade, ActiveSeam®. Charlie Merrow, CEO of the company who spearheaded the innovation, shares with StitchWorld the story behind the company’s latest innovation, which is set to redefine Merrow’s standing as a pioneer in the sewing and apparel industries.

Merrow taking product development back to the sewing machines with ActiveSeam®

“The ActiveSeam® program delivers branded Merrow technology and sewing quality to retail products. Significantly, for the first time the ActiveSeam® program shows customers that seams can be monetized.” Charlie Merrow, CEO, MERROW

Before the advent of ActiveSeam® in 2012,176year-old Merrow had already earned a name for itself worldwide with its range of sewing machines for knitwear, woven, home textiles,non-woven, military clothing, babywear and lingerie. The company has a presence in more than 60 countries through its global network of agents and dealers.

When Charlie and Owen Merrow took over the company 10 years ago, he was faced with some hard facts,as both manufacturing and sewing machine production was now centred in Asia. “The real turning point came when a customer asked us to design a stitch for a shoulder seam, where if you have a backpack on it, it doesn’t leave a mark. An idea was sown of having a seam which is flat on both sides…

The Merrow machine model number - MB-4DFO, a flat overlock serging machine that sews three versions of the Merrow ActiveSeam® only possible on the machines manufactured by the company

…and thin at the same time.” The rest as they say is history. 

Sewn by the MB-4DFO flat overlock serging machine from Merrow, ActiveSeam® has been inspired from a butted seam but imbued with the strength and aesthetic advantages of interlock, flatlock and overlock seams. TheMB-4DFO is a two or three thread premier industrial serger that sews three versions of the Merrow ActiveSeam®. 

The two thread version of the seam is called ActiveSeam® Comfort and the three thread version of the seam is called ActiveSeam® Infused. The seam has been patented by Merrow and hence only possible on the machines manufactured by the company.

The ‘Comfort’ version of ActiveSeam® is 5/32 inch wide and suitable for medium weight performance fleece fabric, running jerseys andwool-based innerwear. A 3/32 inch wide version of ActiveSeam® Comfort is called ActiveSeam® Slim which is suitable for hiking pants made with merino wool and apparel made with technical textiles having utilitarian applications. Although the two thread ActiveSeam® Comfort is suitable for all kinds of knitwear applications, the three thread version has much more aesthetic appeal due to the introduction of a third thread. The top thread conceals the second thread beneath it when the seam is relaxed and reveals it when the seam is stretched. 

The third thread is on the inside of the seam and bounds the other two top threads together. Fabric is butted, not lapped nor bunched together, giving a flat, non- bulky and comfortable seam. “The possibilities are endless with such a seam structure as not only can you use different colour threads for enhancing the look of the seam, but also use threads of different properties, makes, structure and thickness for varied applications,” asserts Charlie.

The seams have been certified by third-party testing agencies as having 30% more strength across their width and 100% more stretch across their length, when compared to a regular flatlock (4 needles, 6 threads, ISO 607) sewn with like thread and fabric.

Even though the machine is revolutionary, Charlie soon realised that without the consent of the buyers no one would buy their machines. “When marketing my machines to the brands, I ran into a problem, people said it’s just a stitch, so a story was required to create need for the machines. That is when we branded the seam and the MB-4DFO, protected the Intellectual Property Rights of the innovation and went to the brands with samples of sewn products,” recalls Charlie, who has received an overwhelmingly positive response from active sportswear brands like Jockey, Adidas, Reebok
and Nike. “For the first time ever a machine supplier would be nominated by buyers and brands… We have reinvented the whole wheel,” adds an upbeat Charlie. At the upcoming Texprocess show in Atlanta, USA, Merrow will display its range of ActiveSeam® machines for heavy duty applications, completing its range for all knit applications. The machine is not applicable for woven products.

The company has setup a development centre in the USA called the Stitch Lab®, to which people can send their product and fabric samples for unravelling the possibilities with ActiveSeam®. The same service will be offered by the company for interested customers in Bangladesh and India through its trade partner Anil Anand, MD, HCA. “The manufacturers need to understand that we are not selling them automated machines which guarantee enhanced productivity and lower the requirement in manpower. What we offer is based on the core fundamentals of product development and both manufacturers and brands are able to modify, update, and create new patterns and products,” adds Charlie, emphasising that product development is the essence of any bleeding edge apparel manufacturer.

With such a revolutionary product at hand, all Merrow had to do was to choose the right partners as a representative for its products. “HCA has a 100 year history in the business of sewing machines, which makes them ideal partners for us. They would not just be involved in selling and servicing our machines, but rather developing products with customers in the Indiansub-continent, without any additional or hidden costs,” concludes Charlie

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Taking Back Product Development - Merrow ActiveSeam in Apparel Online

As Merrow continues to increase its presence throughout the world, I thought I'd share a nice article featuring Merrow CEO Charlie Merrow and ActiveSeam. The article appeared in the April edition of Apparel Online Bangladesh and also calls out Merrow agent Hari Chand Anand & Co. who is helping spearhead ActiveSeam's proliferation in the Bangladeshi market. Enjoy.

Apparel Online, April 2014

Friday, April 25, 2014

First Look - The Merrow Booth (3915) at Texprocess Americas

Merrow is going to be at Texprocess America in Atlanta in May, and we thought we'd share some 3-D models of our trade show booth. Come by for a visit and have a look at our new machines, new stitches, and new solutions!