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Merrow Newsletter - February 2009

Monthly Newsletter - February 2009
a review of

This month we've been profiled by Kathleen Fasanella of the Fashion Incubator. Her headline 'the best (sewing machine) site on the internet' got our attention!

"I’ve been meaning to tell you about the Merrow website for a long time. This is the best example of what any industrial products website should be like as any I’ve ever seen. The landing page is friendly and accessible as you can see below."

merrow webshot

"I hope you enjoy learning about overlock sewing machines on their site as I have (maybe you’ll even buy one). I haven’t gone through but a tiny portion of the material because I keep getting side tracked with just how well all of the features are so nicely and intuitively done. The cut to the chase summary is if you ever have a question about overlock machines,
Merrow should be your stop. All sites should be this nicely done."

for more of this review please jump over to the fashion-incubator

Merrow on Twitter
A few weeks ago we started 'tweeting'. It's great. The feedback is interesting and it gives us an opportunity to shed some light on the goings-on here at command central. Follow us on Twitter!

70-D3B-2 Production

February has been all about the 70 class machines. The service plan, new production, and custom set-ups have really kept us busy.

Merrow agent CRM software -- beta release--
Over the past several months we've developed new software for our agents. (that's right -- this is Merrow built!) We've integrated email automation, google maps, our own CRM structure -- and have begun rolling it out on a limited basis.

Basically we let our agents see where the customers are, what equipment they're running and have access to loads of email statistics relating to the last email campaign in XYZ country.

If you're interested send us a note

Here's a sneak peak:
merrow crm sneakpeak


In order to keep everyone talking we're integrating Skype with Asterisk & Merrow CRM. You can get started by hooking up with us on Skype. our username is:  merrowusa

skype logo

In Case You Missed It
Here are some new articles and Merrow features we recently announced on the Merrow Blog:


The Merrow Team
Overheard onTwitter

kfasanella @merrow_machine You have the best internet site in the entire garment industry. I'm writing a review of it today.

meechele7 @merrow_machine Love Ugly Betty, I think that sewing machine looks a bit scary though.

arkadyrose @merrow_machine I'm in lust. I am also crying at the price.

sleenie @merrow_machine For those who prefer not to sew much, pre-edged blanket fabric would be a welcome choice vs fringed fleece. Great idea!

zugsterbags @merrow_machine The little sewing machines are so cute! (the dog too)

violetteclark @merrow_machine Wow..sure could have used your wonderful machine on my handmade clutch to serge the edges -
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"If you have a harem of 40 women, you never get to know any of them very well." -- Warren Buffett

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