Saturday, February 1, 2014

the new Hyde Store - our friends across the aisle. Richard Painting products and Hyde Tools in one place

From time to time we like to give a nod to the hard working folks in our office who run the Hyde Store. Perhaps the best place online to buy Hyde Tools and Hyde Products.

A tip of the chapeaux then. Nice job with the new site. Nice job indeed.

We've been watching as the new Hyde Tools has developed. With a new Hyde Blog and a Hyde Facebook page, Hyde Google+ Page, and Hyde Tools Twitter account, the announcement of the Fat Boy Painting products, and the new Hyde YouTube account - it's been an impressive juggarnaut of Hyde Tools action in the command center.

We're clapping loudly and happily for the team over there.

If people need industrial knives, dry wall tools, putty knives or power washing tools  or Richard Painting Products- take a look!

The Merrow Team
Merrow Merrow

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