Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dirty airplane underbelly

Three dozen 747s -- they all look the same from the ground as they take off.

My unique perspective has been sponsored by British Air. A day at the PuDong airport! Next we'll spend time in the Parking Lot!

What frustrates me is not that i'm here. Here is ok as described below. BUT it appears that the 17:30 Flight has been delayed or canceled.

I would have rather spent a day enjoying Shanghai (hell i'd rather have spent a day in the hotel if push comes to shove) and come in tomorrow or tuesday when they were reasonably sure we'd fly.

BA hauled us out of bed at 5AM, made us wait in a queue for 3hrs. to get EXACTLY the same ticket we had yesterday (it's even dated feb.2!). And then sit in an airport that isn't a treat to sit in for 9hrs. AND -- AND they haven't bothered to offer any information today, so that our treat of treats was seeing our evening flight float up on the leaderboard with delayed// then canceled// then delayed flash next to it.

as i heard a Brit on the flight mutter 'bollocks'

I'm not saying i'll never fly BA again. But i'll make an earnest effort to find any means of transportation besides BA the next time I come to shanghai.
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