Monday, February 4, 2008

Supercup. Manning wins the Brits are confused.

In London there are no adverts for the superbowl.

Each timeout or whatever they cut to some young brit (YB) interviewing Ron Woodson about....well i'm not really sure about anything actually --- the YB kept grimacing when it was called it football, and especially when someone or other argued it 'was the most technical game on earth'...

So it's 3:30AM in the UK and I'll turn the tube off having watched one of the most disastrous contests in all of recorded history.

If we were a more sophisticated culture there might have been sacrifices after this game. Real ones. Heads rolling. King Kraft raising or lowering his thumb to the frenzied roar of the crowd as his team lines up in disgrace...

We're not, so i'm going to bed. I think i'll block from the company's computers for the next 10 months....
Unknown Merrow

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