Friday, February 1, 2008


I’ve actually had time to think about leaving, it hasn’t just whacked me in the forehead as I scrambled off to another airport.

my thoughts: I really enjoy Shanghai, and this China leg feels unresolved.

The list of things i haven’t done eclipses those i have -- and the short list of accomplishments isn’t satisfying considering what needs to be done.

Yet the trip itself is a watershed. I feel comfortable coming to Shanghai, to China -- the mistakes i’ve made we can remedy on the next trip.

and -- and this is a big And -- this week is among my favorites in the past 30 years.

Not the least of which is the result of Merrow’s past, present and future all crashing together -- or Personally the food, people and newness of China being thrilling.

Why was it unresolved? Because I didn’t do enough. I didn’t find closure with some big issues for the company, I didn’t meet enough people, I didn’t eat enough, I didn’t learn enough Chinese. I didn’t do anything touristy. Despite not resolving business issues I worked the whole time I was here.

Nonetheless as I prepare to leave Shanghai, I feel settled, not exhausted-- a big difference from India and certainly from Massachusetts.

I’m much more confident in what Merrow can do, what I can do-- even if the big challenges lie ahead. And more importantly, I’ve had a lot of fun working on the process.

We’ll be back in Shanghai. I miss it already.
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