Wednesday, March 12, 2008


don't have much time -- have taken hundreds of pictures (unfortunately i think there is likely to be a blog post sometime in the not to distant future with the backlog of pics).

i leave for milan today

couple of quick thoughts on istanbul

1. the flag is spectacular. was on the bosporus by boat the other night and over the hagia sophia there was a 1/4 moon -- within the frame of the camera there was also a monster sized, hilltop perched and brightly lit up deep red turkish flag (which is a crescent & start).

2. could attaturk possibly be offered in more curious poses? Every picture of the man ever taken regardless of circumstance (he was standing in line at the post office...) is posted throughout this city -- they adore this man -- the most sincere adoration as well. His bust is everywhere, his head is everywhere, and these strange pictures of his every public move are 2X3 and 4X5 (feet) framed and hanging

3. the history of the city will make your head explode. a lightening tour of a museum could cause serious medical issues

4. traffic is horrible

5. the city is more modern than i imagined. it's like a european san francisco in places (and in others like sprawling LA apartment blocks

6. there is stagflation

7. we can do a lot of business here

8. i'm sorry to have to leave
Unknown Merrow

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