Saturday, March 8, 2008


It is saturday. I am working and this is terrific.

One of the differences between travel & working and the alternative (which would be work) is the subtle time shift. The workday becomes something unrecognizable.

For instance there is no defacto day-off. If one wants a break one must force it.

And the hours of operation are always odd. Some days, as I did yesterday, the traveling starts at 6AM and ends at 5:30PM. In between are three hours where I wrote 30 odd email. At the end (the 5:30 side) I met with our Turkish distributor and spent the next 6 hours with them at the office and then eating.

Once back I tried to spend time on the phone with the office wrapping the day up around midnight.

In turkey Saturday is not a day off (in the Arabic world it is Sunday that people work taking friday off) so my workday will follow the pattern of behaviour here with the grand exception that afterwards I'm sure i'll spend the evening eating and drinking our good friends and business partners. If one doesn't consider this work they haven't done it....

Perhaps this isn't an appropriate place to illustrate the type of schedule is kept while traveling. But on the other hand I'm not sure what works on this blog and what doesn't.

What is important to note is that as a result of the effort the improvement of our relationships to the distributors in Europe is marked.
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